Back in the 80s, every live-action and animated tv series ushered in the holiday season with a special episode.  As I grew up, I found myself craving these holidays specials more and more, as they reconnected me with the joy and innocence of my younger years.  One of my goals early on as an independent animator was to be a part of one of these holiday episodes, and thanks to Disney’s Bizaardvark, that dream was actualized a few months ago.  Tasked with bringing the episode’s antagonist to life, I got to animate the good Santa/evil Santa robot faces of Liam the robot throughout the Christmas special.  Both my kids loved it, watching the episode over and over again, and it felt cool knowing that I’d made a contribution to the next generation’s future holiday nostalgia.  This was the third episode of Bizaardvark that I got to create animations for, the other two being Halloween specials.  I’m loving the holiday Bizaardvark experience!

The video clip above was posted on Disney’s Youtube channel for the show.  It’s the climax of the episode, so big time spoiler alert!  

Check out Bizaardvark's site to find out where you can see this and other episodes of the show-
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