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For the past seven years, Paper Brain has been creating animated letter and number films with the Sesame Workshop for Sesame Street.  Our most recent collaboration, Seven Boxes, aired on HBO June 29, in the episode titled "Sesame Street Submarine," the thirty-fifth episode from Season 53.  Aside from the wonderful people at the Sesame Workshop, we had a talented group of collaborators who helped us bring this film to life.  Mickey Schneider designed all the backgrounds and characters, planning the whole visual aesthetic for the film and breaking their designs apart into printable templates that we were able to cut-out and animate.  Cosette Burning helped us animate some of the film with flair, and Gregory Pepper made the perfect score (as he always does).  And the two kids were voiced by Bleu and Violet Ray, a brother and sister pair we hold near and dear to our hearts.  

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